Beware of imitations – Find the original

Thanks to our regular readers, we are aware that other websites have been copying our articles and other content. There is one website in particular, belonging to another law firm, which regularly copies our content – especially from this website.

In a way, it is flattering. It reinforces the fact that we provide what other lawyers do not or cannot. When others have no original thought of their own, yet want to operate as we do and with our success, their only option is to copy. They may even copy this article!

Our lawyers and our guest authors write all of their own content. So unlike other lawyers, especially those who copy our articles, we offer something that is unique and valuable to our clients – original thought. Even if other people pretend to be us or pass off our content as their own, without original thought, then everything they offer is hollow, without substance and just empty. Is that what you want to pay for? They may look like us, they may sound like us, but they are not us.

Law is largely an intellectual pursuit. It is not merely regurgitating facts or showing extensive knowledge in a specific area – you can use the internet for that. The internet is full of facts and knowledge (some less credible than others). However, the reason for our continued practice in the area of law is the practical and affordable application of that knowledge to every client’s individual and specific circumstances. The law, and the lawyers who simply quote the law, can be interesting but it is irrelevant unless and until it can be properly applied. Remember, applying the right law in the wrong way is just as dangerous as relying on the wrong law in the first place. Consider carefully who you appoint as your legal adviser. If they do not know how or why the law applies or if they cannot communicate it in the way that we do, as you can see reflected through our articles, then you might not be getting the best service or advice that you deserve.

Also, we think anyone who copies articles by our guest authors and passes them off as their own is not only reckless, but they are foolish too. At no time do we represent that we are experts in any field other than our own. We are lawyers only. This is one of the reasons why we invite guest authors to talk about their own experience and expertise. In copying those articles and publishing them as their own (even though they do not have the relevant qualifications, experience or expertise in those areas) those people show that they do not have any thought or personal investment into their own publications. It also shows that they have little to no morals in respecting the intellectual property of other authors. At the end of the day, is that the kind of person you will trust?

At Phang Legal, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders in whatever we do and that reflects in our work, our level of service and our loyal clients. Our attitude and approach is genuine because it is ours and not copied from somewhere else or someone else. Who can you rely on? When you are looking for a lawyer, consider whether you really want the original or whether you would just settle for an imitation.


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