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    个人信息 (personal information)

    名字 (name):

    生日 (birth date):

    性别 (gender):

    电子邮箱 (email):

    联系电话 (telephone):

    常住国家 (country):

    居住身份 (residency status):

    婚姻信息 (mariage information)

    婚否? (marital status)

    结婚日期 (marriage date):

    结婚地点 (marriage location):

    您的结婚证是英文的吗? (is your marriage certificate in English?)

    分居日期 (separation date):

    您和配偶当前的居住安排 (your living arrangements):

    配偶信息 (spouse information)

    名字 (name):

    配偶的生日 (birth date):

    配偶的常住国家 (country):

    配偶的居住身份 (residency status):

    您是否有和配偶讨论过离婚事宜? (have you and your spouse discussed divorce?)

    您的配偶是否同意离婚? (do you and your spouse agree to divorce?)

    您的配偶是否有请律师? (does your spouse have a lawyer?)

    家庭信息 (family information)

    你们是否有18岁以下的孩子? (do you have children under 18 years?)

    你们的孩子现在和谁一起住? (who do your children live with?)

    财产信息 (property information)

    您是否有和配偶讨论过财产分配事宜? (have you and your spouse discussed property division?)

    您的配偶是否同意您提出的财产分配方式? (have you and your spouse agreed on property division?)

    您是否有收入? (do you have an income?)

    您的配偶是否有收入? (does your spouse have an income?)